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Facials : Offerings

Facial with Mask

Lovely relaxing facial with natural oils and face mask of choice, incorporating facial massage to leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

1 hour


Gold Facial

A beautiful facial with massage and oils using gold masks for face, lips and under eye area. Promoting relaxation and leaving the skin brightened while giving you the luxury you deserve.

1 hour


Golden times_edited.jpg
Image by Francesco Mazzoli

Pink Facial

A lovely relaxing facial using pink flower & fruit based products, a moisturising mask alongside floral oils for a relaxing facial, pressure point massage promoting increased circulation and release of stress  with complete relaxation.

1 hour


Gua Sha Facial

Ultimate facial including cleanse, massage and acupressure. Complete facial Gua Sha (pronounced gawh-sha) with Rose Quartz followed by a luscious pink face mask for ultimate facial luxury.

2 hours


gua sha.jpg
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