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Here's What Our Clients Think

Testimonials : Testimonials

I recently had a Swedish Body Massage from Gem at Thistle Rose Holistics as part of their free sessions week. This was thoroughly relaxing experience and i came away feeling considerably less stressed. My life is very busy and at times stressful with my full time job in social care for the council alongside my own Personal Training business and a young family. it was so nice to receive this massage and just lay back and chill for an hour. Gem was professional, clearly highly trained in massage and made me feel very welcome and at home in a beautiful location situated deep in the Bowmont valley. It made a really positive difference to me and how I felt physically. I would highly recommend this business and Gem, thank you very much Gem.

Eddie Sutton

I had a wonderful hypnotherapy session with Edward. Afterwards I felt so calm and now I'm not really sure if I can recall the negative feelings I had before the session it felt like a really lovely guided meditation. I'm looking forward to having more treatments thank you.

Claire Lamb

Ed is an amazingly talented hypnotherapist and I have been grateful to follow him on his journey. He shows an in-depth knowledge of his field and is able to put even the most nervous clients as ease. We did a past life regression session and it absolutely blew my mind. During our session I was able to name streets and recall past lives that I had no idea about, it was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had, and after the session I couldn't believe what had just happened. I recommend Ed`s services to everyone and anyone as his support and help through hypnosis could sincerely benefit everyone 10/10

Alex Olesky

Gem was absolutely amazing when i had my massage done, it was so relaxing i can`t wait to go back! I would highly recommend to anyone! Thank you so much! x

Hannah Watson

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