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At ThistleRose we have created a truly holistic service. Applying many years of experience, we take great pleasure in helping people to achieve self healing and positive wellbeing for a happier, more productive and fulfilled life. 


Edward Addison


Edward has a BA(Hons) in English. He is Qualified in Analytical Hypnotherapy and has registry with the GHR, CMA and CNHC. His background is in education, with academic support for young people from 3-11 y/o, as well as tutoring in areas of deprivation in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edward spent 10 years supporting people with complex learning and physical disabilities, including autism and complex epilepsy.

Edward is qualified in Grief and Bereavement counselling (Dip), and has run a small service for 7 years in East Lothian and the Scottish Borders.

“Having suffered trauma at an early age, I am very aware of the impact that trauma can have in shaping your life. I have also learned that with the right support, that trauma can be processed and left in the past, allowing for a happier and more productive life.

This has been my main motivation for wanting to help people with their own struggles, and was the reason that I have trained in these therapeutic disciplines, and completed further training into rapid induction techniques to ensure each client gets more from each session. I am grateful that I can, and now do, support people in the same way I was supported.”

Gemma Partridge

Holistic Therapist

Gem brings a wealth of skills, both personally and professionally, to what she does. Born with a caring and loving nature, her early years spent in difficult circumstances, working hard and overcoming challenges is what Gem has always done, and she does it with a smile and a skip, believing everything happens for a reason and there is always a lesson to learn.

Due to allergies and intolerances from a young age, Gem quickly developed a keen interest in all things alternative and holistic. Her natural love of learning complemented this perfectly. Coupled with a poor reaction to medication prescribed through mainstream channels in her early teens, she has passionately and enthusiastically explored and studied a wide range of therapies and treatments to heal mind and body.

Completing her HND in holistic therapies in 2004 was a defining moment for her, which began her career as a therapist, first working in a busy therapy centre in Northampton. After 18 months Gem decided that she wanted the freedom that comes with being self employed, and her own therapy journey began. Life, and circumstance, took Gem into a range of areas and studying different subjects, where she received her GNVQ in business, NVQ in Animal Care, becoming a qualified dog trainer and also an events and wedding planner.

Gem’s intellect and natural talent for absorbing information alongside meticulous application of skills has been said by more than one person to be inspiring. A keen animal lover, baker (for humans and animals alike), natural medicine, herbal and mineral medicine, people, mythology, magic and folklore... Her passion, however, is caring for and improving the lives of others. This is what makes her a truly unique therapist, whos genuine care is apparent to all those who have enjoyed treatments from her.

“you don’t have to blow someone’s candle out to make your own glow brighter”

“be nice to people; you never know when you will be the one asking for a little help”

“knowledge is a powerful thing, you can use it to help so many”

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