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Foot Treatments

Foot Treatments: Offerings


(Natural - no polish)

A simple yet relaxing treatment; nail tidy, foot treatment and express massage to promote the beautiful health of your feet naturally.

30 mins


Luxury Pedicure

All the standard pedicure treatment with a relaxing foot massage, foot mask and heat treatment to leave you and your feet floating on air.

- nail treatment included to promote beautiful natural nails: no polish

1 hour


Image by Conscious Design


A non-invasive holistic therapy, promoting self-healing with specific touch on reflex points over feet and lower legs.
Promoting your body’s own healing potential while dealing with problem areas and aiding balance and wellbeing.

1 hour


Foot Cleanse, Massage and Peel

A basic tidy and nail care with a relaxing foot massage, cleanse and water treatment followed by natural foot peel.

 Please note skin peeling will continue for around 7-10 days at home.

1.5 hours


Image by Rune Enstad

Pamper Hands and Feet Treat

Pamper those hard-working hands with a luxury no polish manicure while your feet pre-soak in a reflex point spa, and finish with a luxury pedicure or reflexology.

- heat treatment
- masks
- massage
- nail care

2 hours


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